Monday, April 05, 2010
Easter in Tasmania
Happily I have been allowed to have Friday and Monday off, but not Tuesday, which is also a holiday in Tasmania. At least this means I have got some rest, just not on Saturday motning, when they have a market around the corner, for which they start preparing noisily at 5:30am. I was lying in bed muttering about how in Paris markets could be set up quietly several days a week.... the market itself was fairly interesting, especially the food bits, although I thought the crafts were overhyped in general.

I've been going for walks each day, so feel fit and slimmer, at least with all these hills Tasmania should be good for losing some weight. So far I've walked all around the city centre and as far as Sandy Bay, where there is an embroidery shop, that of course was closed for Easter. At least now I know where it is, so I can go back next week. There is also one in the city centre, but it is mostly for patchwork, with some nice stuff, I may have to stock up on fabrics for backing and making things up. No decent knitting shops yet.

The whole place is quite picturesque, but very small - the others on the project tell me that business hours are short and it can get tedious at weekends, as only tourist places are open, and they can be expensive. So it sounds like a cooler version of Cyprus, in fact..... I am amazed at the prices. Yesterday I had breakfast at one of the cafes, and it was 25 dollars for toast, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, orange juice and coffee, and it wasn't that well made either, the eggs were square!

At work things seem very disorganised to me, and it's difficult to tell exactly what they want me to do. There are only a few other people from my company, and one of our partners, although they do include someone I knew very well about ten years ago, which is nice. And she lives across the road from me as well. I'm kind of hoping they don't need me for longer than a month, though, as I find I am homesick for Paris, and just Europe in general.
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