Saturday, March 06, 2010
Visite A La Campagne
I have made some progress with my La-D-Da WIP:

Even though I had two days this week when I did none, because I went for an overnight visit to my friend Roddy, who was at his French home near Saumur this week. Saumur is in the Loire, so naturally has a castle:

But Roddy's place is outside, not even in a village, but in a hamlet of about ten farmhouses. He doesn't have land, apart from a reasonably sized garden, but there are fields around and we met the farmer and some other neighbours, who are all lovely. There was another person there from our team at work as well, he's actually had the week off and was staying with Roddy all week. I caught the train down there, it's only 2 and a half hours, on Wednesday morning, and we did sightseeing and shopping - because the neighbours were invited to dinner and we were cooking. It was a lovely evening, very late, but we all slept in, and then went for a long walk on Thursday. I was home again about 9pm on Thursday, so it really was a flying visit. The weather down there was great, although windy, so I felt quite refreshed by the excursion.
Yesterday and today I've done some shopping, off to Modes et Travaux for some linen and DMC threads, and today to Muji for yet more storage boxes. It's off to Tallinn again on Monday for my final month there.

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