Thursday, February 25, 2010
A Little Bit of Snow
This fairly bleak view is from my office window, which is just over the front entrance of our building, so that you can see the small path in the snow that we use to get to the front steps. If we are lucky, our taxi will be able to stop by the red marker, otherwise we have to get around other cars and find the path somehow.

It really has snowed for the past week until today when suddenly we had sunshine, and I spent most of the weekend inside, plus yesterday which was a public holiday here. I had gone to Joller knitting wool shop in the Old Town to buy some Estonian wool on Saturday, in preparation for my forthcoming departure from Tallinn, and I spent some of yesterday winding 800 meters of wool from a skein into a rather large ball.

It's been a very quiet week, since there have only been two or three people from our team here, no Snowflakes or anyone noisy like that. She and her entourage departed before the weekend, so there have been several days of no shrieking or tea leaves (that's the latest, tea drinking about ten times a day is incredibly fashionable, and it has to be made with loose leaves - of exotic blends found only in one shop in Paris that imports them from Outer Mongolia and sells them only to people who know where to find it - whose soggy remains you then leave sitting around the office for hours).
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