Friday, February 12, 2010
Stitching Finish
Here is the Loose Feathers needlebook, sitting ready to be assembled, with its print lining and the wool for the needlebook pages:

The wool was a find at Fete de l'Aiguille, which I went to yesterday morning, and it's a great match for the red thread in the stitching. It came from a quilt store from the Netherlands which had a stall there. So funny, the lady there was telling me in inexpert French the prices, and I was asking in slightly more expert French, and then we just looked at each other and laughed, and said, well, we probably should be speaking English!

I had a good time, but heavens it was cold, and getting there was fun. Not the metro, that was easy, but from the metro to the Grande Halle de la Villette, there was icy snow on the ground:

Where the red arrow is is the entrance, and you had to walk along there on the ice! Fortunately I was wearing my Tallinn boots, so I didn't slip too much. I was fairly early and managed to whizz around everything before the real crowds started arriving, and when I came out, this path was total slush, with the number of people who were beginning to arrive. Good thing I was not wearing shoes.
Apart from the wool, I bought some patchwork fabric, some felt, a pair of bag handles and two charts - Eiffel Tower Quaker and a heart-shaped stitcher's pocket from Drawn Thread. These two were from De Fil En Aiguille, my favourite shop, and I saw the nice lady from there who knows me. I some some lovely things I would have liked to buy, but moderation, since Nashville is coming up!
On the way back it was snowing madly, nasty sleety sort of snow. In the middle of that, I got a phone call from my project director, who told me that I will be finishing in Tallinn at the end of March. Which wasn't too much of a surprise, I had expected it would be either March or June. They are keeping only four of our team until they can go live, which will be when the other project - for a system that interfaces with ours - is finished. Of course, they wanted us all to stay, but that's not possible, so they are keeping the people who deal with the areas where there could be complications, or further things that need to be done. I guess I should be happy that they think my stuff will not have problems.
So, from April, I don't know where I shall be.......... there is actually a possibility of Australia, I believe, but who knows?

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  • At 7:13 am, Blogger Kathryn in NZ

    Australia?! From the sublime to the corblimey as my mum would say.
    Nice finish, yay you