Thursday, December 03, 2009
A Long Gap
I haven't posted for a while, I've been rather busy with work, as we had a deadline at the end of last week. This week has been rather scrappy, but I've been going home tired at the end of every day, as we have been in a very small room for three weeks now, and we have sometimes eight people in here, around a table that is not big enough. And the room barely contains the table and chairs, there is no space left when we are sitting down. I am very much hoping we will not be in this room next week.

There are various tensions here at present, since the Snowflake is one of the eight people, and two others are young women that think she is wonderful and agree with everything she says and does. I read a rather nice book recently called "How to be a Hepburn in a Hilton World", Audrey and Paris, respectively, of course. In my opinion, they are all what this book calls "silly girls", who do not realise yet that saying four letter words every three seconds and coming to work in the clothes that you were wearing the night before is unlikely to lead to a fulfilling career etc etc. Although I did have to laugh, one of them was proposing that our group Christmas party be fancy-dress. I told this to David, who said, oh she can wear what she wears to the office then.

Tomorrow I am going to Copenhagen, on the 1pm plane, hooray, and I am staying there for two nights, going to Paris on Sunday, staying there for two nights, and coming back here, until the 18th December, when I am going home for Christmas, double hooray!! I have to saying I am longing for the Christmas holidays, I cannot wait to get away from some of these people, there is far too much closeness in this room.

Plans for Copenhagen include Christmas shopping and going to the Christmas market in Tivoli - I went to the Tallinn Christmas market last weekend and enjoyed that a lot, as well. Lovely lambskin mittens that I have recommended the whole group buy, they are so warm.
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