Monday, October 19, 2009
Rain, Rain, Go Away
I am all for rain, having lived on an island where it rains once a year if one is lucky - but this weekend, Tallinn seems to have had as much rain as Cyprus would have in ten years. I guess I have been spoilt spending the past three and a half winters in Nicosia where the temperature doesn't go below 10 degrees during the day in winter. I hear Cyprus is even now having 35 degrees, which is unusual for October. Quite different from here, where it is still dripping away.

On Friday I did got to the new shopping centre, it wasn't raining until after I got home, so I walked there and back (not very far) and looked at the bookshop and the supermarket, also the flower shop - I am fascinated by Estonian flower shops, they always have such beautiful flowers and plants, but this one is extremely expensive.

Saturday I did not go out at all, I even went to my local shopping centre via the car park rather than out the front door and along the street. So yesterday I was feeling as though I was never going to be able to go outside again and madly decided to go for a walk - I caught the tram to Kadriorg and crossed the road to the sea front, but I gave up after about half an hour, because I was getting so wet and cold. I went back to the shops and bought multivitamins, I think I may need them. In fact I think I will go back today and get some echinacea as well, I don't want to take any chances with the weather and my health.

Today we are having a very boring day at work, at least I am, because my testing environment has collapsed with space problems and is unusable - I am sitting here catching up on everything else possible, in a room with the Snowflake and her acolyte, who are still able to work, because they are one phase behind us for the project, so not up to testing yet. Think Snowflake may have had too much to drink last night, as she was late this morning and looks extremely morose, plus I can tell by the way she is wearing her hair that she has not had a shower this morning.

Well, I should try and find something productive to do. Still no database and still raining...
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