Monday, September 28, 2009
Wet Weather
Today it is pouring with rain, prompting the usual litany of complaints from colleagues - we now have all the people from our company's second project on the bus with us in the mornings and evenings. All I can say is, if they think the weather is bad now, just wait a few weeks and it could get significantly worse, depending upon your point of view. Of course, if you don't mind staying inside and doing your sewing, knitting, reading etc, it could be perfect!

In fact, the weather at the weekend was not bad, and I went out walking a bit, although to nowhere new, just around one of the shopping centres and the Old Town. There was one of the new guys who went to Helsinki for the day on Saturday, and came back saying how much more exciting than Tallinn it was, and he would rather spend weekends there in future, but I do think that is a little unfair, Tallinn has quite a lot to do and it is a lot more economical than Helsinki as well. After all, why do all the Finns come here for the weekend and go to restaurants, clubs, spas etc? And the Old Town is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

I am still feeling a bit weak and am using this as an excuse not to do very much with the others at the weekends or in the evenings. I am so glad I dipped out on the Friday night "quick drink", apparently it turned out to be some extended session with the Snowflake consuming to excess. She evidently lay on her bed all day Saturday! Today she seems in fine form, in fact she is sitting next to me, which is a pain, as she makes quite a bit of noise, what with her computer noises, music noises, humming to music etc etc. She is actually not wearing the hairy thing today, maybe it doesn't like the rain, because she has a really ratty black acrylic cardigan jacket over a red jumper and an orange scarf, must be colour blind.

Ah well, better go and do some more testing, I have stacks to do this week!
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  • At 7:53 am, Blogger Margaret

    Sorry to hear you are still not AOK. It must be getting a great deal cooler where you are - Auckland weather is still highly changeable - typical for Spring - but the temperatures are starting to rise which is good.