Friday, September 04, 2009
Already September
I've been back in Tallinn this week - after having the dreaded appraisal in Paris on Monday. It was not too horrible, actually, although as usual I seem to have acquired an awful lot more work to do.

The weather here is not bad, although our Special Snowflake is already moaning about it, I wonder what she is going to do later on when we are leaving for work in the dark in the snow, and we can't really go for walks at the weekend because of the snow etc. Our Italian colleague is also already freezing, and has put in a request to buy a heavy winter coat on expenses, I am not sure whether this will be granted. I haven't decided yet whether I will buy a new coat, but, if so, I will pay for it myself - I'm not sure whether the company would impose some parameters that don't fit in with my idea of sartorial elegance!

In line with the weather, I intend to spend quite a bit of the weekend finishing various hats and so on............ and I'll be staying indoors stitching too, unless it really picks up and I can go out for an autumnal walk.
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