Wednesday, August 26, 2009
Things are progressing here, despite our wonderful company depriving us of email for the whole of Monday. I ended up having a two hour phone call with someone in the Far East, just so that we could actually keep on working. And I wouldn't want to repeat what Sasha said, it was quite rude, when it became apparent that we were not going to have email all day.

This week I am going home on Friday, I have my appraisal on Monday, so at least I will be able to do a few things over the weekend that I need to. I'm flying back Monday night, although I did wonder if I should do a Special Snowflake and fly on Tuesday, she certainly would if she had a meeting in Paris on Monday. I am flying during the day on Friday, but that is only because there is not a late flight from Copenhagen to Paris on Fridays - a couple of times I have caught the late Tallinn to Copenhagen flight, then spent Friday night in Copenhagen and gone to Paris on Saturday am, but that is a bit of a hassle, and I know that SS would never do this. I'm actually wondering if she is going to be on my flights on Monday, because her vacation ends this week, and I know she will never fly on a Sunday after a vacation. If so, I am totally not sitting next to her!

I'm still really tired and a bit down, and I had to go out to dinner last night, I thought it was never going to end, but eventually I got home at 11pm. Some of my colleagues want to go out every night, and I don't mind if it is a quick bite somewhere, but full-on dinner every night is too much, I need to spend some time by myself.

At the weekend I found out something quite wonderful about Estonia, which is that some supermarkets here sell yarn. I went to one in a big shopping complex called Rocca Al Mare, such an Italian sounding name, but it is here in Tallinn, and they had beautiful sock yarn in the supermarket there. I am impressed! And it is open on a Sunday, and there is a free bus to this shopping centre from the hotel next door to my apartment, so all in all very well arranged.

Actually I love the Estonian attitude to knitting. In Cyprus knitting in public would be a really quick way to cause people to stop and stare at you as if you were crazy, but here it is likely to get a friendly comment about preparing for the winter and what a good idea that is.
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  • At 6:29 pm, Blogger KK

    About history of Rocca

    Prisma should be the supermarket who sells yarn, mostly finnish Novita. Rimi sells yarn as well but not in every shop. They have a kind of wierd system for shops, 2 types as I´ve understood, with different sort of stuff (Hüpermarket and Kodupoed)