Monday, July 06, 2009
Perfectly Horrible Day
I still have 10 EDs to write!!!! By the end of next week, and our PD says that's late and we were supposed to finish them by the end of this week. Now no-one ever told me that date before, and frankly that is impossible, as even the end of next week is going to involve working all day, all night and all weekend. Sasha is not real happy either, as he has fewer left to write, but they are all complex. And he never heard that date either.

Furthermore we have visitors from the far east this week, and normally I would love to see them, but this week it is really too much. And there are more visitors arriving, from Poland and the UK.

And our Special Snowflake has been very annoying as well. I can't remember if I have mentioned SS? She is a delightful character, who is unable to travel at weekends or stay on site for more than about a week and a half at a time, because she didn't get married to be apart from her husband. Also, she is always right about every single thing, including all the things we did wrong before she joined the project!

In fact SS and Sasha had a rather acrimonious discussion today, I do love Sasha, I could have cheered, as he was saying "no, no, no!!!" to her - Sasha's favourite phrase, but I do not think anyone has ever said it to SS before.

Let us hope that things will get better as the week goes on - I'll be happy if I can do an ED each day - and let us hope I will not be so exhausted by Friday that I have to sleep most of the weekend.
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  • At 12:13 pm, Blogger Margaret

    Hi there, I read your blog but don't always comment - however this time I want to know what an ED is? Hope your "snowflake" settles down. They can be so irritating can't they.