Thursday, May 14, 2009
The Open Air Museum
Yesterday we had a work trip to the Open Air Museum on the outer area of Tallinn - it is a very interesting collection of old farms and other buildings from all areas of Estonia that have been brought to this site. One interesting thing is the village swing, above you see two colleagues on it, but actually four could play at once! And there are ones that are even bigger, our Estonian friends told us.

Apart from the farms, my favourite building was the chapel, which is 300 years old, and there are still services in it regularly, several times a year, or you can get married there also. There is an old village inn also, where we had a traditional meal of herrings, followed by potato with mushroom sauce, and a dessert of cream grain and jam (a lot nicer than it sounds, actually quite delicious). After that we did go into the city and have cocktails, some people until rather late and I understand there is a case of suspected Margarita poisoning today, as we have one person missing.

Normally we would not carry on like this, but it was a special occasion, as it was a leaving do for our project director, we are all rather sad that he is leaving, as he is adorable. There is a replacement, who seems OK, but he's just not the same as our old friend. We've given the leaving one an Estonian football shirt with "Grandfather" in Estonian ("Vanaisa") printed on the back, plus a card on which we all wrote in our best Estonian, naturally with a rather limited vocabulary!

So I am sitting here rather sadly trying to work - I have a lot of design documents to write, which normally I enjoy - with the others, all of whom are also sad, with the exception of one new woman who has arrived only this week. I am also rather tired (although not suffering from suspected Margarita poisoning, I don't drink them), and want to go to bed early tonight!
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