Monday, May 11, 2009
At Last - A Stitching Photo!
This is the almost completed (as of last evening, it is completed, but I took this earlier in the day) LHN Travelling Stitcher needlebook panel:
The colours are just great and go really well with the actual accessories, which I will photograph when the panel is attached.

And here is my rose, given to me by the clients on Friday:
Why a rose? Well, Friday was a project milestone, we had finished our great huge report and it was signed off on Friday, on time!!! Practically the first time in history that this has happened, and so we are all very popular with bosses etc, this is fairly unusual, at least for me.
It was a very strenuous week, with long, long workshops, and on Friday night, I was practically poleaxed by the time I got home. I did get up early on Saturday morning, it is so light here in the mornings that I can't sleep in, and I went shopping and to the supermarket, but after that I came back home again and slept until the evening. Oddly enough I have no problems sleeping in the daytime when I am tired, it is just sleeping in that I really can't do. I stayed in the apartment for most of the rest of the weekend, except another supermarket and bookshop trip on Sunday. And that's not far, we are talking about downstairs.
Some of the others went to Helsinki on Saturday, except Giulia, who was supposed to, but slept in until 5pm! Apparently it rained a lot, and their fast ferry back was cancelled, so they got back rather later than intended. I'm glad I didn't go - I could have, but I knew I would be tired, and I have been to Helsinki before in any case.
This week should be less strenuous, just writing external designs until I can do no more. It's also Roddy's last week, and we have the new PD here to take over. Plus we will have some visitors, including Sylvain, my boss, and also the new technical architect is arriving (the old one did not survive the winter, he decamped to a warmer climate). Maybe, just maybe, I will be able to have a more normal life again now....

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