Friday, April 10, 2009
Good Friday
It is a holiday here - I am in Tallinn - so I have been working at home, that is, my flat above the shopping centre. I've been down there once day, to get supplies, also took a bus to a shopping centre by the airport, where they have a Jysk (Danish bedclothes shop), as I desperately needed a square pillow. Sleeping on rectangular pillows is not doing much for my neck. I was quite right in thinking that a Danish shop would have what I wanted, so I expect to have a nice sleep tonight.

I thought about going home for the week, everyone else has, except the guy from South East Asia. But we have the first draft of our big report due on Tuesday, and I didn't want to take a day to travel, especially with the Easter crowds. And in some ways it is easier to work here, away from the distractions of home as well.

This week I have written quite a lot, so has Fiona, but I have been tired, as I have been out to dinner every night. Last night I distinguished myself at the Villa Thai by asking what sort of white wine they had by the glass. Evidently the waitress said "South African Chenin blanc", but I only heard the last bit and asked her where it was from! Of course she said "South Africa" while trying not to put on her what an idiot this woman is face, and my colleagues did not shut up about it all night. The main conclusion I have drawn from this is that I need a rest and I am getting more deaf.

Back to work!
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