Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Weekend At Home Starting Tomorrow!
I have to get through one more day of sessions, then I can get a taxi to the airport at 4pm tomorrow, and get back to Paris before midnight! Today was a terrible day of sessions, we were doing a topic that had about ten experts, none of whom could make a decision on anything. I was sitting there saying things like "well, you want a letter to the customer to be produced, sometimes, but you can't tell me exactly what triggers it and what information it has to contain? So can I decide this?" Blank looks........ and another half hour of discussion. We continue tomorrow.

And Fiona is not well, she said earlier she had a sore throat, just sort of a lump in it, then she was looking terrible in the afternoon, and normally I can improve her mood with chocolate, but this was not on the menu today! She looked at it and said she felt dizzy. On the way back to the hotel we asked our Estonian colleague who comes in our minibus with us to stop in at the hotel (he lives nearby) and talk to the reception about getting a doctor. It was settled that she would go upstairs and lie down, then ring the concierge if she needed a doctor later - Giulia, our Italian colleague, is keeping watch on her. But she may not be at work tomorrow, of course, if this continues. I can manage for a day without a designer, her health is much more important - I'll take my own notes and just have stops occasionally so I can catch up with them. Hopefully she will be OK to fly, she is looking forward to seeing her parents again at the weekend. She and I and Giulia should all go to the airport at the same time, and she and Giulia have the same flight to Amsterdam, so I hope they can sit together.

Today I have also had news of the Dwarf - remember my horrible old project director who made my life a misery for a year in Cyprus? One of the people on my project worked with him in the Middle East, before he left our company and went on to be an architect (not a PD!) at another company. It sounds as though he is looking for a job again, as he asked this guy if he knew the Big Boss's phone number! So my colleague said, no, he wasn't in that league, but why didn't he ask Ally? After all, didn't we work together once? The Dwarf's exact reply was "we don't like each other". I suppose that is one way of putting it.

What will I do at home? I have to work, I have to think about design documents for my thread.... I have to do a lot of expense claims, as I need the 3000 odd euros that I've spent on flights and hotels so far. I have to do my tax. Is there anything nice I can do? I wonder if any of the things I ordered from SBB will arrive, they have dispatched a parcel last week. I succumbed and ordered a few Nashville releases, nothing major.
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