Sunday, February 01, 2009
A Much Better Journey
I am finally back in Tallinn, after being delayed by 40 minutes in Copenhagen......... I have to say, Copenhagen is my preferred airport to be delayed in. By a stroke of luck (connected with my inability to book myself on the correct flight on the correct day using our corporate travel system), I ended up having to buy a ticket at great speed via the internet yesterday, at which time only economy flex tickets were left on SAS. So I got to sit in a more comfortable seat, with free food and drink, I didn't mind this. On Estonian Air, the 90 minute flight from Copenhagen to Tallinn, they treat you royally, I got a potato salad with rare beef, wine, coffee and cognac. Not that I drank that, it is sitting on my desk here, in case of emergencies, two little bottles of it. I wasn't going to ask for it, but some of the men on the flight were asking for multiple little bottles of all sorts of things, so I thought why not.

In Copenhagen, I bought magazines, two Danish books, two English books, some cosmetics and a bottle of Cloudy Bay for less than 20€ - it is about 35€ in Paris. On this project, we drink NZ wine (Roddy and I love this, he is English, but has a taste for it, also the others are getting to like it a lot), also Italian wine (we have an Italian) and vodka (we have a Russian, who is teaching us to do it correctly). In pursuit of correct vodka drinking, I have brought a large jar of Maille pickled cornichons back from Paris, you have to eat one after hurling the vodka down your throat and bars here don't seem to have them, or else we can't describe them correctly, which is more likely. Oh and on my SAS flight from Paris to Copenhagen, I bought a Georg Jensen leaf bowl and some of that Boots No 7 perfect serum that is supposed to be more effective than Botox (which I would never do).

So I staggered off the flight in Tallinn, totally weighed down, but I had had the foresight to ask the hotel to send me a driver, who loaded everything, took me to the hotel, and brought it all up to my room. Which is the one I had last time, so I am happy, it is at the end of the corridor, so quiet, and I don't feel I will be disturbing anyone if I walk around at night. It is actually on the smoking floor, as I have previous bad experience of setting off smoke alarms in some hotels with Diptych candles!

The upshot of all of this is that I am travelling via Copenhagen whenever possible, and with Estonian Air into Tallinn rather than KLM, as the planes are much more comfortable. Also I should support Estonian Air now!

Tomorrow it is back to analysis sessions..... I enjoy them, but it is hard work.
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  • At 10:47 pm, Blogger Kathryn in NZ

    It sounds like you're with a good group, in a good place. This update had me smiling.
    Trade you some snow for the heat here