Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Interesting News Re Travel
Well, I am off to Tallinn on Monday!

This all came about yesterday, when I was expecting that I would be told to go to Cyprus at the weekend. Yehiel could not get them to sign a contract that started before March, however, and rang to tell me this while I was in Monoprix. I was totally depressed about this, because I had no idea what I would do, I was not happy if I had to hang around until March! Then our resources director called and said I was to go to Estonia on Monday, for at least ten weeks - which means that I can't go to Cyprus in March anyway, which I don't think the Nicosians will be very rapt to hear. They will need to get someone else.

Of course when I heard this, I immediately bought more polar fleece footlets! Fortunately I do have quite a lot of warm clothes, I am taking my fuchsia wool coat, plus my aubergine rain cape, as this can go over a coat and also has a hood. And the hotel has a swimming pool, such luck, and a full spa, so guess where I will be next weekend (I am initially staying two weeks, then coming home for a weekend).

So today I rushed out to buy tickets, our work travel site doesn't seem to work from my home connection, and also a guide to Estonia. I have actually been there before, on holiday about ten years ago, so I am sure it has changed greatly, as this was immediately after the Communist era, and everything was a bit grey.

Not sure entirely what I am going to do there, but it will be either operational or financial architect, hopefully operational. Process analysis starts pretty much immediately, so I am hoping I get all the existing documentation today, so I can read it beforehand.
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  • At 8:52 pm, Blogger Kathryn in NZ

    All the best for the new location! Hope there's decent internet access.... and stitch shops, LOL