Thursday, December 11, 2008
My Office in Paris
This is the second day I've come to the office here - it's not actually in Paris, it is in a suburb about 20 minutes train ride away, so I have to catch the bus to the Gare St Lazare first. It takes a good hour usually, but it is not specially taxing, I do get seats unless there are buses or trains cancelled so that everything is crowded. So I can read or do mindless knitting, I have a moss stitch angora scarf at the moment that is perfect for this. And I have lots of Jane Austen mysteries to read.

At least I get a decent lunch, the cantine here is not bad, and it is fairly cheap, you can get a three course meal for less than ten euros. But today I had only a main course, wild boar with roast potatoes and green beans, it was about five euros. It's a Christmas cum Winter dish, the other choices were turkey, foie gras, etc etc.

Still no idea whether I will go back to Cyprus, Yehiel is dithering as usual. One of the PDs here was very happy to see me, his eyes lit up and he said there could be work in Paris for me, fortunately NOT at the place where I was totally miserable last year. Who knows?
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