Tuesday, November 25, 2008
No Developments At All
Here I sit in Nicosia, wondering where I will be working the week after next, and both Yehiel and the Resources Director are silent, no communication whatever. I meanwhile have booked a ticket for next Wednesday back to Paris and started packing.

I was moaning to David last night, and he said, what was I whining for, he would quite like to spend the pre-Christmas period in Paris with no project to worry about! I suppose if you put it like that, it sounds quite good, but it's more the not knowing what will happen that gets to me. I have tried to think more positively about what I could do with the time - do my SQL course, do some interviews for Mr Resources Director, who has a huge number of these waiting, as we are hiring madly, go shopping etc etc. I haven't spent more that a week at home for a long time, since this time last year, I would think.
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