Thursday, November 13, 2008
Weekend in Sight
This week I have had my head down working on a rather large external design that I am doing, for some statistical reports - I have also been waking up at 5am, thanks to the road works over the way. On television last night, they said that the roadworks would not be finished before Christmas, which is a giant pain, as it makes walking on one of the main shopping streets very difficult. Also they have already been going on for months, and there were several angry shopkeepers shouting on television about this, also a lady I recognised as a former neighbour from when I used to live over the other side of the road that has been dug up. Actually I don't know how they can achieve so little in such a huge amount of time, it seems that they just periodically dig up a new section of road, but they don't seem to finish any of the bits they have already dug up.

It's a bit like the renovations here at work, which have now reached our floor, they have been going since April, and apparently are aimed at putting in new lighting and heating/cooling. They are doing the other half of our floor first, so I am still in situ, but last week the canteen was inoperable. This week they have let Anna move back, but to get to her, we have to walk down a corridor where they are working, which is filthy. I've got no idea where we are going to move to when they start on our half of the floor. Perhaps the local cafe? At least that may be quieter.

Consequently I've been going home at night, watching the news, then flaking into bed, so no stitching progress this week! I have managed to finish all the knitting on my Noro Silk Garden jacket with short sleeves, so I am hoping to darn in the ends tonight and find some nice buttons at the weekend, then I can take a photo of this. It has come out well, of course the lovely yarn does help!
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