Tuesday, October 21, 2008
And Now For Something Completely Different!
Over the weekend I managed to do this little piece, "Heart and Home" from LHN. It's in the recommended DMC colours on 32 count Lambswool linen, and it will go into a little frame that I bought from Zara Home a couple of weeks ago. Zara Home has a really nice range of frames, but I wouldn't call them particularly cheap, this was 20€. However, I have bought a few frames in their sales over the past couple of years as well.

Apart from that the weekend was the usual - shopping, swimming, listening to audio books. I can recommend "The Observations" by Jane Harris, a tale narrated by a servant girl in a most unusual household. And again I was the only person swimming at the weekend, so in effect I have my own private pool. I did also succumb to shoes this weekend, brown with bows from Aerosoles, will go nicely with coffee coloured linen suit. And I bought a folding umbrella, just in case, since the last one I had is somewhere between London and Hong Kong.

The big boss and Yehiel should be on their plane from London now, I wonder if I will see them tonight. I know they have a meeting (not at my office) as soon as they arrive, but I don't know where they are staying. Yehiel favours the Hilton, he would, as everyone says. It is actually a very nice hotel, but it is quite a bit more expensive than the others, and also you need a taxi to get there, you can't really walk from the office. Although I do sometimes walk there at the weekend, to have lunch or whatever.

If I don't run into them tonight, I will stay home and sort out my knitting stuff, have not really done any since I arrived. And continue with the Red Velvet as well, I'll post a picture soon.
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