Monday, September 22, 2008
Back Home
I did so much in London, thoroughly tired out my legs, in fact, and the journey home was not great fun - it was lucky I went to St Pancras early, because I don't think I would have got a seat if I had gone later. My train was cancelled, and I got put on an earlier train with about a million other people and tons of luggage. Of course I had my case, a large John Lewis bag, a Loop bag and two Waterstones bags, so I was not entirely guiltless, but at least I didn't have enormous suitcases, these simply do not fit anwhere on Eurostar. Then, when I got to Paris, there was some sort of strike that meant the taxi queue was enormous, so it took quite a while to get back home. Phew, no wonder I slept until 10am on Sunday.

In London, I did go to all my favourite shops, Hatchards, Liberty, the big Waterstones in Piccadilly, Loop in Islington. Also went to John Lewis and a new knitting shop called IKnit in Lambeth. It's a pity that there are no real LNS in London, Liberty doesn't really count in that direction, although they do sometimes have some nice kits and so on. Of course I did manage to buy a lot of fancy sock yarn and have started knitting up some grey Alpaca silk into a lacey pattern from one of my new books. I was really impressed with the selection of knitting books at IKnit, they had everything I could think of. Also bought about ten books at Waterstones, including one called "What Would Audrey Do?" - for those of us who would like to be as stylish as Audrey Hepburn. I fear Audrey would never have a blog, so maybe I've failed already.

I travelled everywhere by bus in London, I hate the underground, and I have a new Oyster Card that I can use when I go again. In York I walked everywhere, of course, it's so small. I did know about the Vikings there, it's one of the most interesting things about York for me, since of course my ancestors were Vikings. Not that I know who they were, or anything, but they must have been, because my family is Danish! David is prone to making remarks about my violent Viking tendencies if I get cross about anything, in fact.

Now back home I have a heap of stuff to do - have spent the last two days lying on my bed reading, basically, which is incredibly lazy, and really cannot continue like this. I still have the two suitcases from Cyprus to unpack, and have to sort out clothes, books, stitching, knitting, the kitchen, the bathroom, etc, etc. Think I will take a turn past Le Bon Marche first, however!
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