Saturday, September 13, 2008
Vacation At Last
Today I am at the hotel I booked in Larnaca - I ran out of work yesterday at 4pm, after working my socks off all day, and my taxi got me here by 6pm, so that was excellent. This hotel is full of German package tourists, but it is not bad, room is comfortable, pools are good and it is right on the beach, in the hotel strip north of Larnaca town. The dinner was ok, nothing outstanding, as was breakfast.

I've spent two hours at the pool this morning, now an ensconced in the bar checking email and so on. Plan to spend the afternoon stitching and snoozing, as I didn't actually sleep much at night - more noise from adjoining rooms than I am used to at the hotel in Nicosia, where I have a very quiet two bedroom apartment. Here there are hotel cats as well, one came by my sunbed to inspect me this morning.

If you had told me a few years ago that I would have a wardrobe of swimsuits, beachdresses and flip-flops, I would not have believed it, but now I do, since coming to Cyprus! Actually I like watching the Germans and their beach wardrobes, because I think Germany must have the best choice, in fact, I get all mine from Ulla Popken, and recognize some swimsuits that I see here at present.

Got to go.... off for a walk along the beach before lunch!
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