Thursday, August 28, 2008
Hornbook Aux Chardons
Here it is! I finished the Hornbook Aux Chardons last night, from La Sylphide Tocquee.... it is all 1 over 1, on 36 count linen, so I did use a magnifier for this. I don't think the photo is at the best angle, because it makes it seem as though the top edge has disappeared, but it is really there! I quite enjoyed doing this, but I wouldn't be up for a whole sampler of 1 over 1.

Today is Alec's last day here, apart from the short time he will be back while I am on holiday in September, and he has to do running around paying bills and clearing his apartment, since he is staying in a privately-owned apartment. When he comes back, he will stay in my hotel apartment, since I will not be there, and it will save me clearing things up entirely, I'll just move my stuff into the spare room.

I will miss him, I don't know when I will see him again. That's the thing about this job, sometimes you work with the same people for a long time, but other times they get assigned elsewhere. And it is tricky at the moment, because the people I have been working with are all experienced, and the tendency now is to separate us and assign us to projects with all new people, of whom there are many. And this is not always a great experience for the experienced one, I found this out in Paris, when I was just hounded by questions from, among others, the mad Moroccan. I really do not miss that girl at all! But she is only one of many, I haven't been too impressed by the other ones I've met, they all seem to have a huge sense of entitlement and a complete lack of willingness to read through traces and programs and all the other long and tedious documents that we have to use at times.

Alec says he is incredibly tired, which I can understand, but I am also incredibly tired, which is less understandable.......... I can only attribute it to the heat and humidity, which is not going to go away in a hurry. I really want to have a long, uninterrupted sleep, but when will this happen?

I've done a fair bit of holiday planning, and I'm making a huge list of threads, linen, yarn etc that I want to try and pick up in London or York, plus anywhere else that I happen to go during the three weeks. And a list of books as well, and other shopping. And lists of things that I will bring back to Nicosia after the holidays. Goodness, I am looking forward to getting away to somewhere cooler.
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