Monday, August 18, 2008
Not Quite Succumbed to Heat Stroke
I just realised I had not written a thing since last Tuesday, which is really quite uncharacteristic of me! It has been so hot here that it saps all one's strength, and at home I spend a lot of time gazing at men in short shorts (Olympics!) while sitting under the airconditioning. At work the airconditioning is a joke, it really doesn't work at all well. Alec and I both feel drained by 6pm.

Our Big Boss took us out to lunch on Thursday, after having high-level meetings for all of Wednesday and Thursday morning, so we didn't get lunch until 2.30pm! He took us to a Greek buffet up on the highway out of Nicosia, which is quite pleasant, with a good breeze and lots of salads. He did comment on the heat and how did we endure it? We took the opportunity to tell him it was essential to stay in a hotel apartment here, as opposed to a private one, because of the water shortage.

The main feature of lunch with BB was that he told me to stay here for another year, as that was the result of his discussions with the client. This is going to upset Sylvain greatly, as he had me all lined up to go to one of his lovely French clients for six months! I was a bit iffy about that, although I would have done it - really I would prefer to go to Alec's project or David's project, but I can accept that I am the only fluent French speaker available. However, I can't say that I really mind being here, even being the only one - as Alec is going to Tallinn. I can stay in my apartment, and I will be able to swim into the autumn. I will get a lot of stitching done over the winter, most likely. No housework etc. There are some good points, and I guess some bad (I could get lonely and depressed?).

So that took care of Thursday, and Friday I was so exhausted that I went back to bed at 11am and slept for nearly five hours! This may well have been the best thing to do, as Nicosia was totally, totally dead.......... no shops at all were open, not even kiosks, and when I went to Gloria Jeans to check my email, I was the only person there. On Saturday the shops were open, but practically empty, which was quite nice, as I browsed in Zara Home without anyone crashing into me, and managed to buy pink wine glasses, beaded white coasters, a strip of twinkly lights and a very nice dark pink knitted rug with bobbles and a crochet edge, meant for a baby, but just the right size for my knees in winter.

I managed to get quite a bit of my Red Velvet Buliding Blocks done in between sleeping and shopping, and I even photographed this, but my camera is at home and I am at work. Also did a bit of Ladybug, Ladybug from LHN, which I started a while ago and just put down after a few stitches! I'd like to get it finished soon, as it's only four weeks until I need to get everything sorted out and packed away. I plan to leave here on 13 September, and I have booked Eurostar to go to London the following week for a few days, I'm still thinking about what I shall do with the rest of my three weeks off.
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