Sunday, July 27, 2008
Sunday at Starbucks
On the way here, I saw a sunglasses shop that I think Anne would like to frequent:
Their windows are just full of ducks, there must be hundreds of them scattered amongst the sunglasses! The shop is halfway between my hotel and Starbucks, not very far at all, I haven't been anywhere that is not within about a square kilometer since I came back to Nicosia three weeks ago - that's normal at this time of the year, when it is impossible to walk around. So I'm looking forward to going to Paris on Friday. I'll be coming back on Tuesday.... I went out yesterday and bought myself a bag that will take my computer plus some other things, so I can travel with hand luggage only. It will have stitching supplies, yarn and books in it on the way back to Cyprus.

Yesterday I got this far on Red Velvet Building Blocks:

This one shows the bottom as well:
I am pleased with the way it is coming out, and I quite like stitching monochrome, although I haven't so far done a lot of it.

I seem to have some sort of computer problem at present, I cannot open Internet Explorer - I am using Mozilla Firefox at present, but I will have to get IE back somehow, as our system uses it, and I am more used ot it in any case. No idea why these things happen! But I was quite impressed with myself for remembering that Mozilla Firefox is installed as standard on our machines, instead of just panicking. Tomorrow I will sort it out somehow, it will either start working again, or I will have to download another copy.

Time to go, I need to go home and sit in the quiet again - this place is full of screaming children, as was the hotel pool this morning - and do some stitching. I'm hoping that there is no wedding at the hotel today, as then I will be able to swim again about 5pm.
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  • At 11:28 am, Anonymous Anonymous

    Hehehe, it's no wonder you thought I'd like that shop window!! haha ... I love it! :D Thanks for giving me the heads up, as I haven't read blogs for a couple of weeks now! Your blocks are looking awesome too! :D