Sunday, June 29, 2008
Hot And Sick
Oh dear, this weekend has been so hot..... I was in the pool by 9am yesterday and out again by 10am, that was the only time of the day that it was possible for me. Today I haven't been at all, I slept a bit later than usual, as I have not been feeling great, the heat really takes it out of me anyway, and I have some more menopausal symptoms at present, which makes it worse.

In fact for most of yesterday I sat under the airconditioning and knitted. I had prudently gone to Debenhams at 8am when it opened and bought myself a long circular needle, for the frill on a Louisa Harding Frilled Scarf, and good that I did, I ended up with nearly 600 stitches on the needles by the end. The scarf is finished now, and trimmed with pompoms made using my new Clover pompom maker. If ever you think you will need to make more than a single pompom, rush out and buy this in all sizes now! It really is brilliant, and I made pompoms in Kimono Ribbon, which is a rather slippery ribbon yarn, with no problems at all. The scarf is really beautiful, I will have to take a photo as soon as I get the camera sorted out, and I have started on a matching Aurora Beret, as I fortunately bought quite a lot of this yarn.

I intend to spend the rest of today in similar crafty activity.....
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