Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Heatwave In Cyprus
This week has been so hot, and after a hot weekend as well - and unfortunately, this morning I woke up with a raging sore throat and slight headache, I may be heading home slightly earlier than normal today, I think.

There have been a couple of other annoyances this week also. Firstly, I really don't have enough to do at present, and secondly, there is the question of what I shall do after this project finishes, which is supposed to be the end of July. What I would like to do is go on to David's project in Poland, and he is obligingly telling his PD that my presence there would be really wonderful. Nicky is there too. Failing that, there is supposed to be a new project in Estonia that would be quite good for me, nice, cool country, could fly there via Copenhagen, they have wonderful traditions of embroidery and knitting there, etc etc.

BUT the Big Boss has decided to set up this new group for "managed services", which is what happens after customers go into production with our system and they want to do extra developments or have problems that they need our assistance to solve. Now who apparently is the first person they think of to join this group? Moi, it seems. And I am not sure it is something I want to do, for one thing, that group is managed by someone whom I do not respect, and for another, it seems a bit of a dead end to me and too similar to what I was doing before I started the present job. I also suspect that it may have something to do with Sylvain, who is still cross with me after I told him that shouting at me was unacceptable. Honestly the guy is a forty year old baby, he hasn't answered any of my emails since then!

I talked to our resources director about the job, he is sweet and always gives good advice. He warned me that I may not really have a choice, apparently I am the top pick for this group, and apparently the other people approached have also not been keen, and he says someone has to be in this group, because BB is very keen on it. However he did say he didn't see this as a permanence, but more like people rotating in and out sort of as they would longer-term projects. I went home last night really depressed about the prospect, and I have been making lists of pros and cons. I would certainly ask for a salary increase and a grade increase....

And apart from all of this, Skype will not work in our office since the weekend, so I can't consult David instantly about things. Plus we have building works going on around us, this has been for a while and has gradually crept closer to our room, and will culminate in our having to move desks to the other half of the room (which Alec is glum about, he hates relocating himself). This morning they are drilling in the mens' loo off our room, and it seems to involve one guy inside drilling and shouting to another guy who is outside and drilling and shouting back. I just said to Alec probably the guy outside is located in Larnaca, given the volume of the shouting from the guy inside.

Poor Alec, he got back here on Sunday night as usual, and found that there was no water in his apartment building. It got restored in the middle of Monday night, so he was able to shower normally yesterday morning, then this morning, he showered again, and when he got out, started to hear angry Greek voices from the stairwell - so he tried the taps again, and no water! Hopefully it will be restored tonight, as he is in a Monday - Wednesday - Friday supply zone. My hotel is Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday, and I know they had to buy water on Saturday, as the tanks may have run out before the evening. Which would have been annoying for the guests, but really sad for the bride who was having her wedding party there on Saturday evening.

And I think that is about all the moaning and groaning that anyone can stand for one day.......... oh goodness, I hope I can go early today!
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  • At 2:52 pm, Blogger Kathryn in NZ

    Oh dear, doesn't sound like fun at all!
    Plenty of rain here, must send you some. Even had hail while the sun was shining - like the song says: four seasons in one day...