Wednesday, June 18, 2008
37 Degrees Every Day
It is so hot, the weather forecast gives 37 degrees every day for Nicosia, but that means it is really probably about 40 degrees mid-afternoon. When I walk to work at 8:30 or thereabouts, it is already well over 30, and by the time I walk home again at 7:00 pm or so, it is still really quite hot. Last night I had dinner out by the swimming pool, I like doing that, although they give such huge portions in the restaurant that I can never eat it all.

Now that Alec is back from his holidays, I have not really got a lot to do, actually I don't think he has either. Just a bit of testing, and some information regarding problems for the developers in the Far East who do our fixes. I have been filling up some time by ordering a couple of LHN charts and the Lizzie Kate snippet about "Housework Never Killed Anyone" from SBB, but if this goes on, I could well have the largest stash in history.... maybe I should take up some improving hobby, like learning advanced SQL, that makes it look as though I am working?

As well as going and dining by the pool last night, I pressed on with my Red Velvet Building Blocks, it is progressing quite nicely, although the 1 over 1 is not so fast. Actually I am doing this in half cross stitch, not cross stitch, as it is much quicker, and I think looks better as well. The linen is 32 count French Lace from Permin and I am using the recommended Gloriana Rosewood, the effect is really good.

I've started to think about summer holidays, they are only six weeks or so away, although I have not yet asked for the leave... I can't really go anywhere after having been to NZ in May, but I have a list of things I need to do at home...

I've also been talking via MSN to my friend Suzette in Paris, who is still stuck at the horrible place on the outskirts of Paris where I was working last year. She says the people there are worse than ever and all are exhibiting serious signs of bipolar disorder, plus a few other disorders that render life unimaginably bizarre. She goes home to London every couple of weekends, and to catch the train and get home before midnight, she leaves half an hour earlier on those Fridays - never before 6pm - and they make pointed remarks about all the time off she has! She and the other person who are there asked for half a day out of the office to do performance appraisals, and the weirdos spent more than half a day on debating whether they should allow this! Poor girl is begging to come and join me and meet all the street kittens, she is volunteering to look after Leo full time.
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