Friday, May 30, 2008
Slighjt Photo Frustration
Blogger will not let me add photos today, nor yesterday - this is quite annoying, as apart from VQ progress, I have such a nice photo of a four week old ginger kitten that lives down the street from work. He is extremely cute and lives with his mother and siblings who are tabbies. We have christened him Leo, as a compliment to Leo, now that the real Leo has left the project and shortly the company. ~About which we are all sad.

It has been so hot that I have been going home just when it gets dark, then stitching and drinking water for about an hour or so while I watch the news, then going to bed not long after - this in the hope that I will be able to get up earlier, as the early morning is cooler. The getting up earlier does not seem to work very well, but I am getting some rest, which enables me to cope with the hotter days and my increased workload while Alec is away.

Re Victoria's Quaker, yes, I am using the VC silks in the recommended colours, I bought them with the chart from Jacky at a salon in France last year. I bought two packs of the silks, because I knew I would not be stitching it one over one on 32 count, but I still had to order some more Diane's Rouge and Basic Black from Vicky Clayton. I thought the colours were dark when I first started, but, as one goes on, they seem to balance each other out, and the overall effect is not too dark, I think.

I'm actually going to get some of the VC premium silk for the Quakers I have charts for, I think, as it would be nice to work with one thicker strand......... not sure when I will be ordering this, though, as I have succumbed to a few other things lately! Like a new design from Reflets de Soie with silks, and the Victoria Sampler "Where Stitchers Gather" with the linen and accessories........
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