Monday, April 28, 2008
A Word From Wellington
I am actually in an internet cafe in the Civic Square, as it turns out my sister does not have wifi.... although it seems that plenty of places around the city do. It is raining, which is an interesting novelty after Cyprus, so I decided to seek shelter. We've just been out to the airport to put Mummy on the plane to Napier, and my sister got off the airport bus before I did on the way back, to go to the supermarket. I carried on, and have been to KnitWorld (not bad) and Golding Handcrafts (not very impressive), also had lunch.

The flight out here was trouble-free, even at Heathrow T5, just terribly, terribly long, and I am informed the flight back is longer, because of the winds. Good thing Air New Zealand has an excellent selection of movies and tv. I watched "Atonement", "Ballet Shoes" and Inspector Barnaby on the way over, and I plan to watch "Jane Austen Book Club" and a few others on the way back. The beds are comfortable, and at Hong Kong one can have a shower.

Of course it has been good to see my mother and sister again, after about five years, and we have been around town quite a bit. I took them to the Logan Brown restaurant on Saturday night, this is one where they have a tv series as well, which Mummy watches avidly, and they had been informed it was an 80th birthday, so there was personal attention. Apart from that, we have been to TePapa, the Katherine Mansfield House and the Botanic Gardens, as well as a fish restaurant, Nancy's Embroidery and the James Cook several times, as Mummy stayed there (I am on my sister's convertible sofa up the Terrace).

As far as I can make out from email, nothing terrible is happening at work.... but I'll be back in Paris on Thursday evening, so time enough to check that out then.
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  • At 11:52 am, Blogger Kathryn in NZ

    Nice to see you in the same Island Aly :)
    I got to watch Ballet Shoes thanks to YouTube - thought it was quite a good adaptation.
    Vibes for a comfortable trip back to "the other side", and not too much work piled up for you!