Tuesday, April 08, 2008
Two Weeks To Go!
In two weeks time, I will be sitting at the hairdresser, thinking about going to the airport and getting on the plane........... I am going to have my hair done the morning I leave Paris, as my flight to London is not until about 5pm. It is relaxing at the hairdressers, and of course my hair looks much smarter when the hairdresser does it, so that is better for travelling.

Over the weekend I started sorting out and packing, since I am only taking two suitcases back to Paris and will have to leave stuff in the office. I also went for a long walk on Saturday, practically all morning, ending up at the Hilton Hotel, and a shorter walk on Sunday, into the centre to see the hole in the wall. The main street was more crowded than I have ever seen it on a Sunday, and there was a steady stream of people crossing from one side to another. It exhausted me so much that actually I went home and had a nap! And that was practically all I did all weekend, very little stitching or knitting, just a few stitches of each.

I hate to think how dusty my place in Paris will be, since I have not been there since the beginning of February. I also hope it will not be too cold, Suzette told me there was snow there yesterday. But then I think New Zealand will be cold, I am taking winter clothes, as I have got no idea what sort of heating my sister has in her place. I have never actually been to her place, and am slightly worried about what it may be like! One good thing is that it is in the centre of Wellington, not some far-flung suburb, so at least there will be no problems getting around.
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  • At 10:55 pm, Blogger Kathryn in NZ

    The nights are getting colder, and the mornings are definitely chilly. But during the day it is currently getting up to 20degC still. But I am in Auckland, and can't speak for what WGN will be like in 2 weeks time.
    Bring some rain with you please!