Thursday, March 27, 2008
Water Restrictions
I just heard that we will have water restrictions starting this week, it looks as though the water will be on for 8 hours every two days. This isn't as dire as it might seem, as Cyprus has a system where there are holding tanks between the taps and the mains supply, so you use the holding tanks rather than a direct supply. So when it is on, the tanks can be filled and used when it is off. Hopefully the lunatics who are out washing the road, their cars, the house, whatever for hours at a time will stop!

At least we have a full swimming pool, if the showers run out. Hotels are not immune, as the entire system is switched off (don't know what they do re hospitals), and it is going to affect tourism, but there isn't a choice - the reservoirs are at about 10% of capacity.

And there is no sign of electricity cuts, so at least the air-conditioning will be working!
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