Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Wednesday That Feels Like Tuesday
Last night we all went out to dinner again, this time to the fish tavern that is another favourite - we ate fish mezze until we could eat no more, and I took a kitty bag home. Hotel Kitty was most appreciative, she evidently likes deep-fried barbounia!

This fish tavern is practically next door to Wagamama, a few minutes' walk from my hotel, and it is very popular, you always have to book. Wagamama is also popular, it is fairly newly opened here, just before Christmas, and it is the first one in Cyprus, but most people know it already from the UK, I guess.

So I have not done much stitching last night either, just a bit more of Florentine Floral, which I am starting to get the hang of. I find that the Just Nans with many colours and just a few stitches of each are interesting, because you can normally work out a logical way of doing all the colours, rather than just doing them randomly as they occur. If that makes sense. For Florentine Floral, for example, I found that there was a sort of frame of white that I could do first and locate other colours from that basis. Maybe no-one else does this? Maybe it is the business architect approach to stitching?

However Roddy is leaving today, so no more dinners out this week, and back to stitching progress, I hope. I did ask Roddy yesterday whether I should be planning to come back here after my NZ trip, and the answer is yes, until probably the end of June. They are supposed to go live the day after I get back, although of course we are rather sceptical about this by now, and we should support them for two months after that.

Not sure I am going to photograph myself wearing angora scarf etc at the moment, by the way! It is rather too hot for that! I am wearing my sunhat on the way to work these days, much to the amusement of the locals.
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  • At 11:09 am, Blogger Kathryn in NZ

    Some of us were just born nosey I guess......
    I can wait for you to wear them down here. There's bound to be lots of family around then to take the photos for you :)