Thursday, February 28, 2008
Little Scream
Goodness, I am annoyed! We had an email saying that our immigration lawyers in the US had changed, and a new company would be taking over. Great, I thought, maybe they will be using a competent lawyer in Cyprus instead of the stupid one we have now. You may remember, this is the lady who thought that, because I was single, I wouldn't mind spending my Christmas vacation in a queue at a consulate - on the grounds that I wouldn't have anything else to do at Christmas!

Alas, no, the new US firm will be working with her. AND the old company has just been finalising its accounts with the company, so they have sent me a bill for nearly $5K US. Actually not a bill, just an invoice with a remark that it has already been charged to my credit card. In fact, it wasn't mine, it was our resource director's, as my company credit card didn't arrive until after I started here and made the work permit application, but still! $5K US for NOT getting a work permit! Scream! And I suppose whatever new company they are using will also expect me to fork out another however many thousand in due course! Double scream!

I don't think Alec, who also needs a work permit, has had his lawywr's bill yet, I expect the air to turn blue when that arrives. I wouldn't think that whatever he says will be anything that I could repeat here.

On a far more pleasant note, someone just brought me a small parcel, it was from Sew and So, with some thread I ordered last Friday, how is that for speed? Some Seaweed silk from Gloriana for the embryonic Wiehenberg, some Soie Perlee and Kreinik for the new Just Nans. To calm myself, I am stroking the Gloriana silk!
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