Friday, February 08, 2008
Woohoo! Friday!!!
I feel rather tired, and would like to escape fairly early.... but I have just acquired another problem to look at, not a very challenging one though.

I have also spat the dummy about the non-payment of expenses today, and Sylvain has discovered that the whole payments system is not working at present and no-one has been paid for anthing - not staff or suppliers. I hope they have contingency plans for payments, I said, and have not heard anything from him since. I am still photocopying the last lot, so I can mail them tomorrow morning. It is a real pain, we have to fill in the expense claim online, stick all the receipts on separate pieces of paper, label them with our employee number and the claim number, photocopy them and send the originals to our own accounts department, who scan them and send them to another country where the payments actually take place (allegedly, as I have seen no money yet). And I am close to being owed 10,000 euros now as well.

Plans for the weekend? Mmm, do some more of Victoria's Quaker - I am getting used to this silk now - but apart from that, I do not know. Some decent sleep would be nice.
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