Sunday, January 20, 2008
Sunny Sunday
Here it is about 17 degrees and very sunny, although we may expect some rain this week, as the Archbishop of Cyprus had another prayer session on Friday night. I know some cynical people who say His Holiness is checking the long range forecasts very carefully before he organises his prayer sessions, but, whatever, it did result in rain last time. We need it very badly, as water reserves are at an all-time low.

I was very tired on Friday night when I got home, those advertising boards really took it out of me, and I have only got up at 8:45 the past two days. Yesterday I went to have a facial in the afternoon, and Toni did a lot of lymphatic massage on my face, and I think that has really helped the lingering sinus problem from my cold. I certainly felt much fresher afterwards, and came home to work on "Kindness Begets Kindness", which is now nearly finished. If it wasn't part of a set (I have quite a few of these HIH collectors hearts), I would be tempted to frame it and give it to Sylvain! He could sometimes do with being a bit kinder. Even Roddy, who is not noted for his altruism, remarked that Sylvain was a bit on the selfish side. Apparently, at PD meetings, he always refers to "his" resources, as though we were all pawns in a chess game, and he constantly tries to get more people for his projects.

This afternoon I may have a little nap, as this is going to be a tiring week, I have to go to Paris on Wednesday. Thursday I see the work doctor, Friday, my own doctor, Saturday the hairdresser. At least I hope it works out like that, the work doctor is the only one I have made an appointment with yet. In fact, they make the appointment with me, once a year, it is compulsory for all French workers, and can always be relied upon to be at an inconvenient moment. If Sarkozy is going to reform the workplace, I wish he would start with that.

I'll be flying back to Larnaca next Saturday, at least I hope so, I have not seen any sign of my tickets yet! I ordered them at least two weeks ago, and apparently they have been ticketed and are on their way to me. By snail, it seems. Of course, Cyprus Airways is not one of our new company's preferred airlines, they would rather I went by Lufthansa or Air France or whatever, which is a tad awkward for getting to Cyprus. So they won't do an e-ticket, unless you beg and plead and make them call Cyprus Airways - who of course would rather actually do an e-ticket. Honestly!

Ah well, instead of stressing over things I cannot influence, I am going to go and finish the washing - this has been somewhat delayed, because this morning I managed to run the machine for one load without actually putting the washing in the machine. I must be getting older or something....
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