Friday, January 11, 2008
Friday At Last
Today I really am going to get something from a pharmacy - although I feel not bad, I am at the stage where I periodically cough very loudly and very indelicately. This is extremely unlovely, and exhausting as well.

Also I am sure that my doctor in Paris would go berserk if he knew, and start madly prescribing things, and lecture me about my blood pressure. And I will see him in three weeks, so I need to look super-healthy. I also have to see the "work doctor", who examines us every year to make sure that we are fit for work. This will be a new one, as we changed companies, because of the takeover last year. But I expect it will be as usual, they weigh us and give us eye tests, etc.

Now I am by myself in the office, and have only to finish a spreadsheet and look at one problem for Rosetta. Roddy has gone home and Leo has gone to Morocco on holidays for two weeks, half his luck.

Yesterday I succumbed to a handbag on the way home:

The one on the right.......... these are a brand called KEM, which is Greek, so I don't think anyone in France will have one like it. On sale at a shop around the corner from the hotel - I walk home down Nicosia's top shopping street, which can be a bit of a trap actually. But this one I bought for Spring weekend wear, I think it will be good for that.

I made a booking yesterday also to go to Paris at the end of the month, for doctor's appointments, as noted above, but also because I won't get another chance before the go-live here and all the aftermath of that, at least I don't think so. Goodness, our company's travel booking system is bizarre, it took ages, and then this morning, I got an automated letter from that system giving all their travel advice for Cyprus! It was hilarious, here are the cultural tips:

General Cultural Tips
Villagers love receiving visitors.
Refusing an offer of Greek coffee or a cold drink is viewed as impolite.
Bring a small gift of wine or chocolates when invited to a meal.
Casual attire is acceptable. Beach wear should only be worn at the beach or by the pool.
Photography is forbidden near military camps or installations and is often restricted elsewhere.

Business Cultural Tips
Formal business dress is appropriate.
Handshakes are customarily exchanged when greeting and leaving.
Make business appointments in advance.
Punctuality is important.

No-one is ever on time for anything here! Ever! Even television only keeps loosely to the schedule, and don't even talk about planes and buses, not to mention shops, clients etc.

Well, that is enough talking for today. I'm hoping to go early and get a head start on everything, and I hope to make some progress stitching this weekend, after feeling blah all week.

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