Thursday, December 20, 2007
Microsoft Soup
Alec and I thought of this recipe, Microsoft Soup - my license keys for Visio and Project arrived this morning, and I said to Alec that I had to put a justification for having them into the Order system, I had put "needed for project work". Alec said, well of course we need them for work, do they think we are going to make soup out of them? Hmm, Microsoft Soup, tasty, no?

I've now started on downloading them, it seems very slow, and I have already managed to place quite a large order at SBB while only 20% of Project has downloaded. Includes quite a few CHS charts that I am missing and the new WMN Mermaid smalls set that has the fish threadwinders with it. I don't really have a lot of other stuff to do, I finished a couple of things this morning, and, since our clients are all in a tizz about the euro, I have not acquired anything new to do.

I just had an absurd conversation regarding winter sports and mooses with David as well, so I have used up all other sources of amusement. If I had remembered to bring some scissors, I would be able to spend some time sticking the expenses receipts on to the sheets of paper, as required by our new masters. What happens then is that they get sent to Roumania, where a team of Accounts people goes through them and asks silly questions. Leo had a hotel receipt that said "double room", and they wanted to know who the second person was! Of course, there wasn't one, it was a hotel where the rate per room is the same no matter whether it is one or two people, but he had some problems explaining this to them, and apparently they still think he has been engaging in something he shouldn't have. It was in Amsterdam, as well, which didn't really help.

Today is also the second anniversary of this blog, I have just realised, my first post was on 20 December 2005. And I think it really came about because of the Dwarf, our late and not much lamented PD, who used to fulminate about people who used blogs for trivial things like hobbies. At that stage, we would have all said the Earth was flat if the Dwarf had said it was spherical, so of course the logical thing was to start a stitching (well, partly) blog as soon as possible. So maybe the Dwarf did have some positive effects, after all. I've made over 400 posts, which is not bad in two years.
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