Monday, December 17, 2007
Rather Better
This morning I felt quite good when I got up - allowing for my not being a morning person in any case. I felt terrible Friday night, and Saturday, especially as on Saturday morning, I picked up my glasses and the screw fell out of one side! I tried to put it back in and only succeeded in giving myself a headache. Fortunately in Cyprus there is an optometrist on every corner, and mostly they are Australian-trained and very friendly and helpful. My local one, two minutes walk away, put a new screw in very smartly, and I could see again.

Then I had my facial and hair-do in the afternoon, which made me feel a lot better, and I went to bed early (for me - 10:30 pm) and slept until 8am yesterday, by which time I was much restored. And yesterday I did not do much, except go to the English bookshop, do a little bit of stitching, some knitting and all my washing.

Here are some photos I took yesterday of my recent finishes:

These are the socks in Opal self-striping yarn that I completed last week... this stuff is such fun to work with, as you get this pattern with no effort at all, the only tricky bit is starting the second sock at the right place in the yarn to match the first. I was knitting on these in the launderette down below my apartment a while ago, and one young woman was looking at me, and finally had to ask how the stripes were created!

And this is "Good Things Come to Those Who Stitch", but why is there a red spot on the "t"?

This one shows the frame, which I bought at Zara Home, and I think is extremely effective:

This one looks much prettier in real life, and is a very nice design to stitch, if you need some quick gratification.

Today is very quiet here, just Alec and me, a welcome relief after having four extra people here last week, two of whom (Roddy and Leo) are extremely noisy PDs. Alec is slightly depressed, he has a new laptop, and is trying to configure it, with a few problems, as it is a Dell, as opposed to his old IBM. Now we don't get a choice, our new masters buy only Dells, and it takes a little getting used to after several years of IBM.

Speaking of PDs, I had a message from Sylvain to call him, I did call him, he said he was on a train and needed to log on and get some data before he spoke to me. He will try to call me today, he says. Goodness knows what this is about, but, as I said to Alec, if he screams at me again, I will put the phone down on him. Actually I don't know if he knows that I have to stay here until April, but it may be regarding that. It is kind of my secret ambition not to work on any more of Sylvain's projects again, I don't like the way he manages things, but I have to try and achieve this in a way that makes it look accidental, since he is actually my boss!

Well, now I just have to get through to Friday lunchtime, then I can go to Limassol and enjoy myself. Only have to work out what to take with me.... I really need to buy some gym shoes this week, but I think I have everything else I need. I did buy in Debenhams on Saturday a necklace that is like one of those Givenchy ones with pearls and velvet ribbons, £19 as opposed to 500€. I really like them, and have been ogling them in shop windows for a couple of years, but the price is absurd!

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