Friday, December 14, 2007
TGIF... the Common Cold
Oh yes, I was feeling a bit blah when I got home from the delicious fish meze on Wednesday night, and yesterday I felt really quite odd, and today it is a full-blown cold. Really weird, this sort of thing always happens when finally I can relax, as this week after news that we have an extra few weeks before go-live.... I don't think it would have happened if I had been going to spend the entire Christmas holidays working.

The fish meze was fantastic, as usual - you start with a fish soup, then go on to Greek salad, with bread and dips (salmon, taramosalata, humus, spicy cheese) and olives. Then they start bringing the fish and seafood: squid, prawns, whole sardines, sole, whole barbounia, fish croquettes, fish kebabs, battered fish, at which point I started to lose count of all the different dishes. Soon after that we surrendered and refused dessert. It was the first time Seve and Jim had been to one of these places, and they were in a state of shock almost. Of course we washed it down with Aes Ambelis as well. Fortunately this restaurant was just around the corner from my place. The hotel cat was waiting for me when I got back, and I am sure she knew where I had been, as she looked quite envious.

Anyway today is Friday.......... So far today, I have made reservations to go to Le Meridien in Limassol next weekend, coming back to Nicosia on Christmas Eve, then leaving on Boxing Day for Paris for a few days. I am looking forward to Le Meridien, I have not been there before, but have heard good things about it. I have also been extremely good today, and filled in most of my outstanding expense reports, only two to go. This is in the system, I still have to do all the sticking together and photocopying, which is unbelievably tedious. This is of course a totally fantastic use of my time, at about 50 euros an hour! And my time is far from being the most valuable around the place....

Still at least I can go home with a clear conscience, that I have got quite a few things done that I need to today. I have even done work, we had a big meeting yesterday, and I acquired a few new tasks there.... I plan to have an extremely restful weekend!
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