Wednesday, December 05, 2007
Full House
Today we have five people, as Leo has arrived... this of course means it will be quite noisy, as he talks a lot. The others are dealing with performance issues, with the migration and with batch jobs, that's why we have two techies here. The migration belongs to Alec, so he is involved, and of course Leo is the PD, so he is involved. I just sit here and do functional stuff, which on the whole is much less exciting.

Last night I did not stitch much, as I went out to dinner with Alec and the techies, we went to a restaurant in the Old City, near the Green Line (on the other side of which is Turkish-occupied territory). We had meze, traditional Cypriot meal of many small plates, and as we were sitting outside, we were watched by several cats, who were hoping for some meat to fall from the table. They were in luck, they did get a few pieces of souvlaki and lamb chop. Then I went home and did a bit of Sudoku - goodness, I am glad I brought several booklets from Paris with me.

It's raining today, which means that the Archbishop of Cyprus' instructions to pray for rain on Sunday clearly have borne fruit (or rather clouds). Seve is really cross, because he is going to Israel at the weekend, and rain is forecast there also. He's made a big fuss about getting tickets, he wanted to go to Israel, Jordan or Egypt, and he was really surprised how few flights there are. We have had to give him a crash course in the politics of the region, but I don't think he gets why people here tend to go to Athens or Paris or London for the weekend rather than Amman or Beirut or wherever. And why it is not possible to fly from Larnaca to Istanbul....
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  • At 8:50 pm, Blogger Kathryn in NZ

    Hey there - nice to see you posting so often, love hearing about your days in Cyprus.