Friday, November 09, 2007
Friday Afternoon
Now it is Friday afternoon in Nicosia, about 2pm, and very few people are left in the office.... lots of cars on the road already when I went over to get lunch, I guess they are all going home for the weekend. I hope I will be able to go about four o'clock, and wander home along the main street - as I shall have my wheelie bag with me, I can't go the normal way, it's too frustrating with all the potholes etc. Only the main street has relatively decent footpaths. It also has Accessorize, where I hope I can get some flip-flops for the pool, if they haven't packed away all their summer stuff.

I plan to go to the shops in the old town, then head back to the hotel for a swim, and spend the evening in front of "The Accidental Tourist", which is on CYBC2 this evening. I saw that film ages ago, and enjoyed it, but I haven't read anything by Anne Tyler for years, I wonder if she is still writing? I will be sorting out all the stitching I have brought with me as I watch, so that I can start to make progress over the weekend, and make up for the six months when I had to spend three hours a day travelling. I tell you, it is a pleasure here to leave work at 7pm, and get back to the hotel at 7:15, after having bought the newspaper on the way. And a pleasure to get up in the morning at 7am, and be here by 8:30, after having had a leisurely breakfast. I'm sure I will get bored with small town life after a while, especially if it gets colder and especially if there is rain, but for the moment it's OK.

This week I think have heard from Madame LA and Suzette practically every day, and today also Gil - Suzette and Gil say they miss me!

Ah well, time to go, the only other person left on this floor - and indeed probably in the whole building apart from the guards - is a workaholic project director, who will probably be here until 9pm.
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