Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Another Post With Virtually Nothing About Stitching
Just a warning... as you realise, I tend to use this blog as a sort of diary of what happens, even though it should really be about stitching.

One thing is that today I did show Suzette and Madame LA the WIP that is David's present, I think they were envious and wanted it on their walls. It was my last day at that place, also Madame LA's last day, I've never walked out of a place with so little to carry. We went to lunch at the Thai place, downstairs and ordered a la carte - I had some scallop ravioli, then green curry with sticky rice.

I am pleased to get out of there with my health and my life to some extent intact, and I'm pleased to have four days now to get organised. Tomorrow I will rest and try to buy a suitcase, Friday (also theoretically a holiday for me, I hope I run into Sylvain in the office) I must go to our own office and print out documents frantically, also pick up my new corporate Amex card (that came in the nick of time!). I may even buy a handbag!

One thing that has happened is that I seem to have a new lawyer in the US, the old one vanished somehow overnight, I hope that I don't get messages telling me not to travel because of this. I'm officially not reading email until Monday, by which time I will be there. I talked to Leo last night, he called me while I was on the train, and he will do what is necessary so that everything goes smoothly. I've ordered a taxi to take me from Larnaca to Nicosia, and now I need to order a taxi to take me to the airport here. Goodness the packing I have to do, and the housework beforehand. There will be little stitching done.

I'm looking forward to being on the plane with a glass of something cold, and my stitching and a level 7 Sudoku book! Looking at the seating plan, I am the only one who so far has an assigned seat in the front cabin on Saturday. And as this is a long weekend, and school holidays, I think there will be more people travelling tomorrow than on Saturday for once.

Should I buy a really nice Mr Kipling grey roller computer bag? mmmm....
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