Thursday, October 11, 2007
So far this week, two more "technical experts" have turned up, and are deep in the reconstruction of our databases.... the latest timetable shows that testing cannot start again until the week before I am supposed to leave this project.

Therefore I still haven't got a lot to do, apart from some testing which is more or less unit testing, as I can't do anything in a business process sequence, because of the databases. I've also been trying to chase up my work permit and my SIM card. Actually I am nearly on the point of going out and buying my own - SIM card, I mean, I don't think I can buy a Cyprus work permit, although nothing could surprise me in this regard. No-one will answer my mails on either subject, and the SIM card is being dealt with by a help desk in India!

In fact, yesterday I went home early afternoon, pleading a headache, and slept for three hours, which I think did me some good. I'd like to do that every day, but fat chance. I told the rabbit this morning thatI felt completely useless at present, and he comes up with the bright idea that I do knowledge transfer or training for our clients. This is something we have tried before - not just me, but everyone - and it normally ends up being a six hour monologue from one particular person, and not much is learned by anyone.

In lieu of posting any actual stitching, here are two recent SBQs:

What for you means to achieve mastery as a stitcher?

Well, sometimes I think I never will, that's for sure! Sometimes I think I have achieved a certain level, as normally everything I do from a chart or a book comes out correctly, and that includes some fairly complicated stuff. But maybe a true master stitcher is the old lady I met in Lefkara, who only does tray centres, no two of which is ever the same - she puts the traditional stitches together in her own way, after a lifetime of stitching to order for others.

What are your favorite online stitching supply sources?

I use quite a few, depending upon where I am, what I want and when I want it - for example, Wyndham will not ship to Cyprus and are fairly slow to anywhere, although they have a terrific range. Sew and Sew in the UK are extremely quick, so are Elegant Stitch, and Stitching Bits N Bobs can be very quick, also they are very reasonable and have terrific sales. I also get quite a bit of stuff from Traditional Stitches in Canada, including the Stash Enhancement package every month. And there are French stores too, such as Broderieshop.... When looking for something in particular - if I can't find it at my LNS, Des Fils Et Une Aiguille in the rue Chabanais - I tend to check the French stores or Sew and So first, as that means I will get it more quickly.
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