Monday, September 24, 2007
A Little Enabling Post
Yes, Drawn Thread has some new charts, this is a needlebook and scissors case, to go with the "Box of Stitches". There are also two new parts of the alphabet just been released, I must get them too.

As you may guess, I have not got a lot to do today, I have just done an external design, now I am going through a translation that needs checking - and how! "empêcher" does not mean "empeach", for about the last millennium, I think we might use "prevent" today! Tomorrow I am going to our own office, as I have some admin things to do, with a view to going overseas again for work in November. Gil also just came and offered to give me a lift to the metro at 5:30 pm, so I'll get out of here at a reasonable time.

So, on the program for tonight, more of David's present (I did a fair bit yesterday, a whole bird!) and Inspector Morse. Some asparagus soup first, I bought one of those nice fresh cartons at the weekend.
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