Thursday, September 13, 2007
Doom, Gloom and Shopping
Here it is the usual doom and gloom, environments that don't work, etc, plus a very large spreadsheet full of "errors" to correct in the configuration system. I was on msn with Suzette this morning, and translated a few of the weirder comments for her, I got a rolling on the floor laughing emoticon back.

So to cheer myself up a bit, I've ordered the Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament issue and the latest SANQ from Stitching Bits and Bobs, I hope they won't be too long in arriving. Their site has a large photo of the cover of the Ornament one, and I see there is an Eiffel Tower ornament that says "Joyeux Noel" - I don't really make ornaments very often, being normally by myself at Christmas, but this one looks quite nice, and might make a nice present.

Apart from that, only one other item of interest - last night on TV, there was a program about occupations connected with luxury goods, and they had three examples, a jeweller, Hermes the leather people and Lesage, the haute couture embroiderer. I wish to be adopted by Monsieur Lesage, he has the most amazing treasure of embroidery supplies. It showed the whole process of a haute couture design, with commands from Karl Lagerfeld and Christian Lacroix, from drawing right through to the mannequin wearing the dress in the parade. Some shots in the workrooms, which were interesting - the big frames with silk and tulle stretched on them for the embroidery to take place, and the Luneville crochet hooks they use to do the embroidery. I would like to try that..... amazing that for once there was actually a TV program with embroidery, especially in these days of solid football, with rare breaks for silly reality TV shows.

Oh, I wish I could get out of here before 7pm tonight. Last night I got home at 8:30pm, and was shattered.
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