Thursday, September 20, 2007
Glimpse of a Silver Lining
Not as far as the database is concerned, it is all completely cactus today, and we have complained big time. So of course this means the thing has to be stopped and analysed, goodness knows when we will get it back again.

But Sylvain was here again today, for a meeting with the clients and our new PD, Mr Rabbit, as I call him. Of course they were in with them for three hours and every time I passed the room, my most unfavourite lady who picks her nose during meetings was in full flight. But Sylvain did come and see me afterwards, and say that he had been speaking to Mr Resources Director and understood that I couldn't stay here forever, with the three hours per day travel. But I still have to stay until the end of this phase i.e. end of October - I suppose that won't actually kill me, now that I know it won't be long-term. As to where I will go after that, I don't know, but Sylvain did say there may even be more work in Cyprus. Which would be OK for a while, I think. Apparently our new company insists that we stay at either the Hilton or the Holiday Inn, both of which have really good indoor pools!

Another positive thing is that, when I got home last night - at 7:30 pm, after leaving work at 5:45 pm, and totally shattered, I found my parcel from SBB in the letter box, that has to be a record, only a week since I ordered it.
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