Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Autumn in Paris
The weather has definitely changed, I wish a few other things would as well.... on Monday I had breakfast with our Resources Director, I have begged him to shift me, but no luck. The problem is that there is no-one to take my place, because of the French language requirement. I was moaning about this to Nicky last night, he says there's heaps of work in Poland, and once the project is confirmed, he's going to try asking for me, maybe that will work.

It gets grimmer, as we are still having problems with the database. Even worse, Gil and Madame LA are working at the office today, preparing some huge meeting, so I am "in charge" here, I hate this. I only have two people to be in charge of, but one of them is nuts. She is the young trainee who knows everything, and it is getting a bit tiring. She sat in our team meeting yesterday and told Gil it should only take a day to add steps to our test scripts, while I was saying, well, I am not sure. I just went over to get her started on it, and she is like, well, I don't know what to put for these steps. I have been very nice and, instead of saying, well, how did you know it would only take a day then, I have explained how to turn the test into step by step instructions for a tester. The other guy is no trouble, in fact, he's helping sort out the database problems, so that is good.

Also Sylvain and the big boss from London turned up, I almost said to the latter, have you come to take me away from all of this. But it's a worry that they are here, they have been in with the bosses here for about three hours, probably listening to complaints about us all. I shudder to think what they say about me, and I do know now that Tom left this project because they wanted a French project director, and they didn't like him anyway.

I am longing to get my SANQ and JCS Ornament issue from SBB, I know they are on the way, I got an email to say so. I have got my Traditional Stitches Stash Enhancement package this week, and it has beautiful socks that say "Still Stitching". Quite timely, as I was about to go out and buy some socks. These are weekend ones, of course, I need some black cashmere ones in case the Poland plan comes off. Or the anywhere else plan....

Very little stitching, oh dear.... and I'm feeling very tired.
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