Sunday, September 23, 2007
Sunday Update
I left really early on Friday evening, still no database, I was sick of the whole thing.... and I don't think there will be any luck tomorrow either, judging by the emails I have just read. But apparently we have a conference call with the techies in the Far East at 9:30 am.

Yesterday I went to the hairdressers at 9:30 am, goodness I was so tired, I nearly fell asleep at the basin while the nice young man massaged my head. Kim and July did a really good job, it looks nice, of course it was the usual 200 euros. And then I went across to Le Bon Marche and bought two bras and two packets of knickers, so that was another 200 euros. The bras are a brand called Empreinte, which is the only French brand that I like much, apart from the extremely expensive ones. Then on to WH Smith, where I bought four more Inspector Morse series - I am only missing series 1 and series 5 now, maybe I can get them from Amazon. These videos are doing a terrific job of keeping me from worrying about everything - in fact, I watched one this morning when I was still in bed, and did a bit of stitching on David's present, which has suffered from my stitching slump.

I told Nicky the other day that I was planning a special gift for David, and he said, what, are you planning to arrive in Warsaw in a pink balloon? Sometimes Nicky can be very naughty.

Actually I feel more like stitching now than I have for about two weeks, I just hope the week doesn't spoil this! This is the worst time I've ever had at work - and part of what is so horrible is that there is nothing I personally can do to fix these problems - and it's really made me feel very flat and lifeless.
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