Sunday, September 30, 2007
What A Week
Really this has been an incredibly tiring week, in many ways - for a start, I had to go to our own office on Tuesday morning, then it took me two and a half hours to get to St Maurice in the afternoon. On Wednesday Gil told us to go to our own office and we spent the day there, then had to go back to St Maurice on Thursday and Friday, after orders from Mr Rabbit. Not that we could do very much from there, as we are trying to access a machine in Asia, as our own is in such bad shape, and it's very slow from St Maurice. Actually the only progress I made was to uncover that one of our major modifications is simply not working.... not for the first time am I glad that they don't shoot messengers these days! I am sure that Mr Rabbit thinks I am a moaner because it's always me that uncovers the problems.

I did have some news, Mr Resources Director wrote to me and said I should be going back to Cyprus in November, for about three months - they are going to go live finally, and would like my help. He said Sylvain should have told me all about it, but of course Sylvain is in Hong Kong this week, so I know nothing! Not the dates when I should go, not if I have to do anything re a work permit, nothing..... someone had better get cracking and tell me, otherwise I won't be there for November.

I talked to David about it, he was worried that going back to Nicosia might not be the best thing for me, but actually I don't mind spending the winter there. The weather will certainly be better than Paris, and I can go swimming etc. Of course the weekends will be boring, but I'll take a lot of embroidery and knitting down there.

With David's present, I have made a little progress this week, look at this:

I think it is another one of these ones that looks better in person than in a photo.... I'm working from the bottom up, for some reason, this just happened.

And here is our local landmark, with, guess what, a rugby ball:

Really all this rugby is getting a bit much, every week there is some new, horrible advertisement, for something completely unconnected with rugby, that gets in on the World Cup. I wish I could remember the one for hair clippers, it had a terrible pun with "demi de melee" (= scrum half, I think) and a messy hair style.

And I think this New Zealand pavillion is being constructed now, I can see from my bus stop that something is going up on the Champs de Mars - it's where I thought it would be, right opposite Ecole Militaire.
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